How to Find the Best Car Loan With a Bad Credit Rating

How to Find the Best Car Loan With a Bad Credit Rating

There are dozens of places in every town that offer car loans with bad credit rating. These are typically called buy here, pay here places and usually your job is your credit and “everybody rides!” Of course there is a reason these loans are so easy to get and that is that they cost you a lot of money.

Usually the payments are about $100 per week, or more! That is a crazy amount of money to pay for a used car but people do it all the time when they feel they have no other option. Most of the time bad credit loans without collateral [loans with bad credit and no collateral] are more difficult to find otherwise. Unless there is a cosigner who is willing to go on the car note then car loans with bad credit rating at a buy here, pay here company are sometimes necessary.

Car loans with bad credit rating can also sometimes be obtained from regular car dealerships that deal with banks but normally you must have at least some kind of payment history for them to reference and the interest will usually be higher, along with the down payment. However, this is a much better option because the payments will still be a lot lower than they would at one of the other places that base your credit on your job.

One of the things these places do is put something that is called “pastime” on the car which is a device that will cause the car not to start if the payment has not been made. A code must be entered into the device via remote control each week when they payment is made and it keeps the car running until the next payment period. This is why these car dealerships are not worried about whether or not you have credit. You will not drive unless the code has been given and entered.

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